BTEC National Unit 54 Digital Communication. Group discussion 07.10.09

How would you send a message to a number of people? What email features or techniques would you use to make this easier?

Mailing list.

How would you send a message to a group without revealing everyone’s email addresses to each recipient?


What’s the big problem with doing this?

Spam filters

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘convergence’?

convergence is the joining of different media. Its by adding and developing, or integrating different features within a device. For example, the new ipod nano now has a video camera, pedometer and radio as well as its orginal features. Also another good example of this could be a mobile phone. Most moblies now have internet access, camera and video put in them - this shows how a device has been modified and developed due to both technologiccal advances as well demand for these items included.««(From Bradley)

List some of the limitations and frustrations of Internet Messaging services.

Suggest three possible uses for discussion forums.
1. Advice
2. Information

3. further information « Bradley
4. expert opinion - mabey « Bradley

What is a 'wiki'?

Where does the word come from?


What is a blog?
An online journal or diary- Josh
an digital version of a diary, which enables people to comment on « Bradley

You want to let someone know what time you'll be home, but you're in a hurry. Which device and method/protocol?

Device - a mobile phone
Method - sms (Short messaging service- basically mobile texts)
Protocol - gsm - for texts up to 160 characters
You want to plant three apple trees in your garden but you're not sure which varieties would go best. Suggest two digital communication methods that might help you.
discussion forums

You're at home or in the office and want to ask an organisation a question. You need a reply before the end of the week and when you get that reply you want to read it, think about the reply and keep it on file. Which device and method/protocol?
Computer-Email-IP (kimmi)

List some of the shortcomings and idiosyncracies of email. What do we do to help with these?

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