All about you


How long have you all known each other? (Year 2)
What was year one like? eye-opening
Are you enjoying it? yes
What's working? digital communication, pr and marketing, radio
What's not? some of the others :p
Has anybody worked out what they want to do yet? i'm slowly getting there, but not really
How important is media in your lives? fairly, but in the loose sense of the term
What media do you consume? anything and everything, i read anything i see, the internet, television, and radio.
What media do you admire? really really outstanding design. design is what i want to do, and these amazing pieces make me feel sad that i can't do them, but happy at the same time with the hope that one day i might!
What media do you suspect/fear?
What are the big questions for media in 2009? what am i going to do at the end!!! Argh!!!

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