All about you

'How now brown cow'

How long have you all known each other?
A year or so (Sean for five years and the same sadly for Chris)
What was year one like?-
Pretty good in places, had it's good and bady days
Are you enjoying it?-
Alot of it of course (see what I did their ?)
What's working?-
Marketing and PR, Digital communications and the groundwork for my FMP
What's not?-
Alot of tedious paper work and a poor timetable.It's very time consuming and doesn't fit around anything
Has anybody worked out what they want to do yet?-
Nope, any ideas ?
How important is media in your lives?-
Quite, media is information, without it the world would grind to a halt
What media do you consume?-
Factual and entertainment (I have only 15 mintues and it's to short to go into detail !)
What media do you admire?-
Youtube, it's come from nothing to a backbone of the interent
What media do you suspect/fear?-
Possibly the Daily mail, it's depressive and intent in instilling fear, better change my paper order…
What are the big questions for media in 2009?-
What's next ?, what will be the next gen technology which will pioneer the latest form of media ?

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