Hey :-) xx

kelly is scary when she shouts (at least in my dreams she is) :P
Oh thanks Kim

she is lovely and clever :)

All about you

How long have you all known each other? (Year 2)
Since September last year
What was year one like?
Very interesting, I'm really glad I chose this course
Are you enjoying it?
Oh it's a right ball of laughs
What's working?
Some lessons
What's not?
The rest of the lessons
Has anybody worked out what they want to do yet?
Sports journalist for Sky Sports - remember my name lol ;)
How important is media in your lives?
Not massively important
What media do you consume?
All sorts - radio, TV, magazines, newspapers …
What media do you admire?
The TV - it is the saviour on boring days
What media do you suspect/fear?
None - no kind of media will ever beat me
What are the big questions for media in 2009?
I wonder if I will remeber this year in years to come

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