lol :)

hi tayeeeee :)

i aplogise…hi nialll :)

oh hi KIMMEH :D

Kim dreams about my bf :P

heyyy, it was only once…and he sort of looked like a cross between my ex and a random guy wich i dont think was ur
bf lol such a weird dream…and you were sooo scary!!!!

All about you

i'm kim. I'm 17-less than a month to my 18th!!!
im weird and funny :)
i think most people like me, though i also think i can be annoying and bossy too

anything else??

How long have you all known each other? (Year 2)

oo approximately just over a year :)
What was year one like?
interesting, fun most of the time, extremely tedious…definitely had its highs and lows
Are you enjoying it?
yes because its what i am good at, and we've all stuck together through everything :)
What's working?
hmmm Digital Communications, Marketing, Radio which surprisingly i am actually enjoying. last yr my fav lesson was
writing/editing copy
What's not?
stupid print production!!!!
Has anybody worked out what they want to do yet?
most of us are just concentrating on getting into Uni with the best grades they can get
How important is media in your lives?
quite important, because it effects us, and the more you get involved with it, the bigger the effect is going to be. one day we will have the power to control the consumer because we in this class will BE the media, will be the names and faces you see on television and in newspapers.
What media do you consume?
i'd say mostly books, newspapers and the Internet-i'm on it everyday. also i probably look at adverts without knowing!
What media do you admire?
i admire the freedom of websites and the power of television. ive always wanted to read the news or to have a go anyway.
What media do you suspect/fear?
umm im not sure lol
What are the big questions for media in 2009?
if the recession is biting at the circulation of newspapers, what can we do to get consumers spending their money on us providing the news for them? is there going to be any more ways to get accessbile, up-to-date news, entertainment and music?

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