Laura is chatty and funny :)
and has a brilliant fashion sense!

i know right.
Laura, can't you give me some time?
i got to giiiiiive myself one more chance.
to be the man that i know i am.
to be the man that i know i am ;)

All about you

How long have you all known each other? (Year 2): nearly two years
What was year one like?: interesting and useful
Are you enjoying it?: yes and no because some of the subjects can be quite boring and uninteresting
What's working?: marketing and PR and digital comms
What's not? everything else
Has anybody worked out what they want to do yet? I think most people want a job in journalism
How important is media in your lives? its all around us so yeah pretty much
What media do you consume? huh?
What media do you admire? designing, writing, advertising and fashion
What media do you suspect/fear? reporting! not for me
What are the big questions for media in 2009? will i get a job if i don't go uni!??

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