sourceTay makes me laugh lol. Nice toilet roll babes ha ha ha

tay is beautiful :)

I love Tayleaaa :D

I love her hair :)

Tayleaa is Loveerrlyyy :)



hahaha, shut yo mouth niall and bradley! ur jus jelous ;)

All about you

How long have you all known each other? (Year 2) a year?
What was year one like? alright
Are you enjoying it? yes :)
What's working? i feel more motivated this year. more worried, but more motivated.
What's not? some lessons get really boring and it makes me tired so i cant concentrate :(
Has anybody worked out what they want to do yet? writer, magazine design or maybe advertising
How important is media in your lives? very. i'm not obsessed with phones but i love my ipod cus i love music and i need a computer to do work. and my xbox/playstation. they are the only media protocols i need and use regularly
What media do you consume? see above ;)
What media do you admire? everything really. computers, television/film, music players, game consoles and magazines/books mainly
What media do you suspect/fear? mobiles. they look nice but they can be a waste of money cus really, most of them do the same thing and an update would be something so small and irrelivant just to make you spend more. i'd like a laptop but i'm worried i will buy a pretty one that will end up just being a bad make, but i'd read hundreds of reviews and advice websites/ forums before i buy most things.
What are the big questions for media in 2009? when i buy a ps3 will sony suddenly bring out a psextreme or something :(

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